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MagnumStone: Technical / CAD Details

  The MagnumStone System  
  MagnumStone Standard Unit  
  MagnumStone Standard Base Unit  
  MagnumStone Standard Top Unit  
  MagnumStone Half High Unit  
  MagnumStone Half High Base Unit  
  MagnumStone Half High Top Unit  
  MagnumStone End Cap Unit  
Cross Sections
  Geogrid Reinforced Wall Cross Section  
  Gravity Wall Cross Section  
  Positive Connection Cross Section  
  Double Deep Gravity Wall Cross Section  
  2.0 Ft Plantable Wall Cross Section  
  4.0 Ft Plantable Wall Cross Section  
  6.0 Ft Plantable Wall Cross Section  
Design Details
  Interlock/Drainage Detail  
  Railing In Core Detail  
  Swale Detail Detail  
  Inside Curve Detail  
  Outside Curve Detail  
  Inside Corner Detail  
  Outside Corner Detail  
  Steel/Concrete Wall Detail  
  FreeStanding Double Sided Wall Detail  
Gravity Wall Charts
  Gravity Wall Charts  
  Double Deep Gravity Wall Charts  
  2.0 Ft Plantable Wall Charts  
  4.0 Ft Plantable Wall Charts  
  6.0 Ft Plantable Wall Charts  
Specification Guides
  Geogrid Specifications Guide  
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